Sen. Elizbeth Warren knows the truth.

When she tried to speak it in the Senate, she was told to sit down and shut up. Dusty old Rule 19 was invoked – a seldom-used senatorial ploy to silence truth-sayers.

#LetLizSpeak became the hashtag of the day as patriots sought to alert largely clueless Republicans that their Attorney General nominee had been long-tagged as a bigot. If not a robe-wearing one – certainly one who ran the laundry.

Democracy under Trump has become shallow pretense.

The Constitution is being shredded and headed to a landfill – as Republicans bend over, in compliant stance to do Trump’s bidding.

Not that results have been totally bad. Thanks to Senate Republicans we’ve racked up quite a few major accomplishments – of which they can be duly proud:

  • US Secretary of Energy who once suggested abolishing the department
  • Secretary of State with deep interests in energy globalism
  • Secretary of Education completely clueless about public education or policy
  • Attorney General ambivalent of civil rights, voting rights, well, just rights
  • Treasury Secretary who headed the Wall Street giant that triggered financial crisis
  • Secretary of Transportation recycled from eight failed years as a Bush hack
  • Health Secretary who wants to nuke Medicare, and inside-traded pharma stocks
  • Secretary of Labor who had a workforce of 40% illegal workers
  • At least we scored a former brain surgeon as Secretary of Housing

Seeing a trend here?  These are not the best and the brightest – they are people with an agenda – and that agenda is not yours – as Senator Warren discovered.

It’s no coincidence that billionaires and Wall Street are running the Trump regime. They bought into his campaign as deeply as they did Hillary’s.

The message for Americans is clear – our voice has been priced out of the halls of Congress. Think I’m wrong – try calling or emailing your federal representatives. Your input will never be heard – not because they’re deaf, but because they’re bought.

Pissed off yet?  Good – go do something: march, yell, tweet, post blogs, talk to your neighbors, write letters, get loud.

But do it quickly – Rule 19 is so useful – it’s likely coming for us too.



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